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Friends, for many years I have received emails from various types and contents.
I keep getting
hundreds of emails from people desperate for help with diseases, some people with enough resources but others without any resource to go to a doctor or to buy some specific medicine, problems mainly with children and elderly. They seek the help of Mythi interventions but this kind of help he can not give us yet...
Many of my friends in the channel knows that I never wanted to add this "donation button" even for noble causes like environmental conscientization programs, but in these cases of requests for help, we have spent much money some months in some critical cases.
We've helped a lot of people to improve and react as we can by sending medicines and getting opinions with local doctors and sending this solutions overseas. But it demands resources, many resources that I am not able to supply alone.
If I do not get the needed resources, I'll have to necessarily meet only the most critical cases, leaving other cases outside. I rely on the help of those who can help.
If some of you can work with any amount that may assist in this marathon for purchase of medicines and prescriptions to send to those totally without resources, I will thank you on behalf of them all.
Thanks for at least having read this request and cheer for these people.

Cheers for all!


We are not winning the battle for our cause, but we are fighting and trying! Thanks!

"The worst blind is the one who doesn't wants to see!"

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