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As you can see by these graphics our Moon is not there by accident of nature, it has been carefully
modified and repositioned for mathematical equilibrium of the gravitational forces to a binary system.
Ratio 3/11 of proportions
Orbit details
Exact distance between centers for the total eclipse of our sun
Perfect trigonometric ratios to the total eclipse of our sun




Friends, I will tell you details of how some movies leaked on the objects found and bases on the moon, which were subject to exploratory expeditions by the United States and the Soviet Union jointly.
Contacts with William Rutledge one of the astronauts of Apollo 20 mission issue provided the possibility of converting some videos from "Super 8" to digital files which at the time still had a low display quality movies. Today William must have died in Luanda where he was hiding after the mission and the Leonov and Leona were never found after the mission, only their records at NASA and Soyuz, as cosmonauts.

Asked at the time as they had passed through the Van Allen belt of energy he explained that in addition to special protection made in the structure of the capsule they used a type of "sleeping bag" lined with lead sheet on which were throughout the crossing belt both the outward and the return of the mission. Yet he considered himself lucky because he knew the companions became ill a few years after the mission and did some surgeries.

William Rutledge, formed at Bell Laboratories Company working for the USAF began to be trained in 1968 for a mission that would be called "Vanderberg 20". The Apollo 20 was canceled by NASA in 1970 by "technical problems" and the program was only ready for launch in August 1976. The team was formed by William Rutledge, expert from Bell and the USAF, Leona Snyder materials scientist, and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov from Soviet Soyuz mission.

Unfortunately we have no photos of Leona.

William Rutledge

- "Before the mission actually, several probes were sent to orbit the moon to detail the locations of a possible landing ISZAK D, Delport southeast of the crater, the dark side of the moon. All started with the Apollo-Soyuz project with the mission "Apollo 18, "which sealed the Russian-American partnership. The Apollo 19 flight that would be an unmanned reconnaissance but had a fault telemetry and yielded nothing. The USA-Russia partnership was consolidated because the Russians were already with all the necessary information and a detailed breakdown of the area. The Russian "Luna 15" probe in July 1969 made hundreds of flights in orbit about the area and literally went into the nose of the great ship while purposely recorded their latest telephotos. The head of the Russian recognition program eng. Valentin Alekseiv had already assembled a super detailed framework involving the great ship, the secondary triangular ship and the ruins of a large base next to the wreckage."

According to Rutledge, during passage through the Van Allen Belt they used a kind of "sleeping bag" lined with lead sheets equipped with air tanks and alarm time to determine when they could leave each of their "cocoon".

The mission lasted seven days on the moon, follows a description of William on the crucial points of the mission with his own words:

- "We went inside the giant ship, and also within a triangular craft. The main parts of the mission were these. The Mothership was a very old who crossed the universe at least a billion years ago (1.5 estimated). Had many signs biological, ancient remains of vegetation in a section of "motor", special rocks that emitted "tears" of a yellow liquid which had some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures. We found remains of little bodies (10 cm) principle of living in glass tubes of the ship, but the major discovery was two bodies, one being intact.

- "On the city or base, the" city "was named" Station 1 ", but seemed to be a real space garbage, full of bits, pieces of gold, only one construction seemed intact (we named the Cathedral) We did. pictures with pieces of metal, coated every piece of calligraphy exposed to the sun .. in the video, the pictures on the screen make the artifacts appear larger.

- About EBE Mona Lisa, do not remember who gave it this name, Leonov or me, was the intact EBE. Humanoid female, 1,65 m tall, hairy, six fingers. Function: pilot, piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes, no clothes, we had to cut two cables connected to the nose. There was no nostrils. Leonov unfixed the eyes device. Concretions of blood or bioliquid erupted and froze the mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of the body. Some body parts were in good condition and not very common, (hair) and the skin was protected by a thin transparent cover. With told to mission control, the body conditions seemed not alive and not dead. We had nothing of medical equipment, much less experience, but Leonov and I did a test, we fixed our bio equipment on the EBE, and telemetrically aid received by surgeon (Mission Control physicians) were positive. There is another story, some parts could be unbelievable now, I prefer tell the whole story when other video is online. This experience has been filmed in the LM, we found a second body destroyed, we brought the head on board. Skin color was bluish gray, a blue crayon. The skin had strange details above the eyes and the front, a ribbon around the head that had no registration. The "cockpit" was full of calligraphy and formed of long tubes was semi-hexagonal.

- The age was estimated at 1.5 billion years which was confirmed during the operation. Expulsions find of the original crust, and elsewhere, feldspar spiral, which came from the impact that formed Isack D; The density of meteor impacts on the ship validated the age and also some little white impacts on the Monaco hill west of ship helped.

- We saw a lot of movement of UFOs on the Moon, and some probes observed in all the time as if they were recording us 24 hours a day. We did lots of footage of several UFOs and probes but the material was classified and did not have any more access to it.

William, why the cover-up of all in such a productive mission and with so many contacts?

- "Why is it necessary to hide UFOs? Why misinformation? Why put all this under a carpet? Well in my opinion this is a question of economics. All currencies on Earth are based on the value of gold. Many citizens do not know it, but gold is an extraterrestrial metal coming from the death of a star. When a star is dying and its mass is growing, atoms are compressed, and when the star explodes it spreads large amounts of new gold at solar system. Therefore that gold is not a mineral to negotiate, but a perfect metal free of carbon. This means that the most common substance in the universe is not worth more than a piece of plastic. This would be enough to topple all currencies of the world. Imagine also that an EBE said that "the coffee tastes great, rare in this galaxy." Only the prospect of trading coffee through universe would displace the economic power to the southern countries in one day. See, is not problem of panic, but simply a matter of economics. Not to mention the problems of reduced profits in the industries of dogmatic religions of our planet. "

My friends, this matter is not fiction, it is the sheer reality of the facts. Too bad he has not had time nor health to provide more material but it was of utmost importance to elucidate some of the facts.

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