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Even if your satellite network is disabled by some event, alien spacecraft's navigation system can simulate the exact positions of the actual GPS system used here to start a rescue operation, if authorized. These people here volunteer that already have prior knowledge of our alien friends, will help their crews to rescue others who are frightened by the situation to be relocated to shelters in bases prepared to receive survivors. This list is an initiative of Mythi, as a behavior scientist he considers to have a great team of people more prepared to help crews in the most troubled moments that can happen.

Mythi words:

- "Those who are truly voluntary and not just people waiting for a possible rescue individual, these can be used by all crews who need to interact with uninformed communities. Imagine a message of your PTB controlled medias saying that there is an alien attack and we are hostile, urging the people to try to attack us, before they realize that we are there to help? If these populations find that we have patricians of them aboard the spacecraft will be easier to understand explanations that can be transmitted and facilitate this interaction. If this opportunity happen, all volunteers will receive subliminal messages that will make you wait to make contact with the crew with which you will interact. The families of the volunteers will be supported throughout the duration of their participation in operations. In the case of a volunteer with some physical problem, this will be treated, and already in perfect conditions can begin the work of aid to the contact crews. Have patience and await the events."
You have a choice to decline your volunteer application at any time if you feel not able to participate.

All those who register as volunteers do not need to wait for confirmation emails, they will automatically be on the list after the conference of data that will be executed at some time by probes of the fleet. Many may realize this experience and others may not notice, but all will be verified and related.

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